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Canadian player not yet elected


Daniel Negreanu was born in 1974 in Toronto, Ontario. The young Canadian boy was the son of Romanian parents who left their home country of Romania as it was poor and controlled by the communists, hoping for a better life in America for themselves and their children. As he was born in Canada, Daniel only knew about the confortable life offered to anyone living in the center of Toronto, even though his father was a modest worker. From a very early age Daniel showed a lot of ambition and charisma, first thinking that he would become a movie star.

Daniel Negreanu never completed high school, and this shows that even without it it is possible to have a successful career in entertainment or other business lines. When a teenager he was not interested in attending classes and preferred to spend time at his favorite places, which were game parlors.

Rapidly he discovered that the game he really loved was the game of Texas Holdem. He was far from being the best online blackjack player in the world, but he thought he had a got shot at reaching the top of poker. And his expectations turned out to be quite close to his future. He looked for any opportunity to play that game, either in legal or illegal venues, and he made good money from it. This is why he lost his interest in school and never completed the classes needed for him to graduate. By the age of twenty he was living off the game and at 22 he decided to move to Las Vegas to play with the big boys, but lost his entire bankroll. He then had to go back in shame to his own town of Toronto.

From there he learned his lesson and continued to improve his skills, in particular his survival skills, also called bankroll management skills. Always play when you have an edge and do not let emotions overcome yoru judgment. When he was finally ready he moved back to Nevada, never to come back to Canada. From there he became one of the best tournament players in the world, currently rated second in all-time career earnings.

As such it is just a matter of time before the Canadian player gets elected to the Poker Hall of Fame. He was nominated twice and has not yet been elected. Patience will pay off as he is not even 40 and few other players have more chances than Daniel. Among inducted colleagues and legenday players from the past and present, there are Mike Sexton, Johnny Moss, Stu Ungar and Barry Greenstein.

Daniel is a representative of one of the best poker sites, namely Pokerstars. As such he has become one of the most vocal ambassadors of the gaming industry, defending the interest of the players in particular American ones since Black Friday which made the game inaccessible online for them. If you read any online casino reviews you will see that Daniel is one of the most trusted and respected voice in entertainment, and few other people have as much cloud and followers as he does.

Good luck to Daniel from Canada and we hope you will be elected in the near future. He would be the first Canadian person to join this prestigious organization. As Daniel is still young, there is no reason to believe that he will not ultimately get elected.

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