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How to bully weaker players at the table

Bullying weaker players at the poker table is a great way to build your stack and win some easy pots. By taking advantage of the weaker players at your table you will become quite difficult to play against and can often force your opponents into making mistakes due to your high level of aggression.

One of the easiest ways to bully weaker players at the table is to constantly three bet their opening raises. A good way to find a three bet range to use in this scenario is to take your normal three betting range and add in all suited connectors, small and medium pocket pairs and all broadway hands.

By adding these hands to your three betting range you will be re-raising considerably more often but will still have reasonable equity in the hand post flop if you are called. In order for this level if aggression to profitable you should make sure you have both position and good reads on the other player. By having position you will be potentially able to out play the other player post flop if they do decide to call your three bet.

It is also essential to have good, accurate reads on your opponent. This is a very effective strategy against fish or other aggressive players but is not a strategy you should employ against particularly tight players who only play premium hands. Trying to bully them out of a hand is an easy way to find the dealer pushing all of yours chips into your opponents stack!

Other ways to bully weaker players

Another way to bully weaker players at the table is to regularly raise limpers. Generally, most players will limp with weak, drawing hands that they do not want to open raise with so they try to and see a cheap flop by limping. By constantly raising and bullying these players you are putting them in a difficult spot, they can either choose to fold and give up on the pot giving you a small pot for free or they can call and try to play a medium size pot out of position holding a weak hand without the initiative in the hand.

Often times players will begin to get frustrated by your constant raising and will try to make a play against you. Be careful to watch out for plays like the limp re-raise as this is almost always a premium hand. Do not try and out play the other players at the table if they are showing signs of holding a strong hand, instead minimize your losses by folding and moving on to the next hand. Remember, you can’t win every hand!

A third easy way to bully weaker players while playing poker is to continuously try to steal blinds when you are on the button or in the cutoff. Stealing the blinds is a great way to give your win rate a nice little bump while frustrating the other players at the table.

While it may seem like a small victory to steal the blinds the 1.5 big blinds you have won will add up over time! Some players to look to steal blinds against include fish, overly tight regulars and regulars who are playing too many tables to notice your new level of aggression.

Stealing the blinds is an effective tactic because most players will not call and try to play back against you unless they are holding a strong hand because they will be forced to play out of position.

Playing the table bully is an exciting and profitable way to push your opponents around at the poker table. By constantly three betting, raising limpers and stealing the blinds you will cause your opponents to make costly mistakes out of pure frustration from your play style.

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