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Party Poker's New VIP Program Take Rewards To A New Level

Over the years, Party Poker's rewards program had only been about average, and in fact due to the massive popularity of their poker site, there wasn't any real need to make any kind of major improvements to it. Party Poker's site has always been about the great games that they offer, and this has always spoken for itself, and spoken very loudly in fact.

Recently, some other larger poker sites have increased the amount of rewards to their players, and this had some huge volume players excited. Player rewards have grown from being just a little bonus here and there to being a big part of a successful player's winnings, and this was not lost on Party Poker.

Party Poker Answers In A Very Big Way

So Party Poker recently stepped up to the challenge, and revamped every part of their operation, including their rewards program. Party Poker's new philosophy is to no longer rest on their laurels, and they made some big changes to their rewards program. The amount of reward money that Party Poker now gives out has significantly increased.

Gone is the rakeback that had limited good reward money to a select few who signed up under secret deals, replaced by a much better scheme that provides very nice rewards not only to these few players, it provides them to all players. This system is much fairer and still allows the bigger players to reap some big time rewards, and in fact they become eligible for the equivalent of an unheard of 50% rakeback.

Party Poker's New VIP Program

There are five different VIP levels in Party's new VIP program. All players instantly become VIPs when they sign up, starting out at the Bronze VIP level. From there, depending on how much you play and how many reward points you collect each month, you become eligible to climb up the VIP ranks, to Silver VIP, Gold VIP, Palladium VIP, and finally Palladium Elite VIP.

Each level not only provides you with higher and higher rewards, it also allows you to accumulate rewards faster and faster. So it's like a snowball effect, and once you get the snowball rolling, it gets bigger and bigger as it travels down the hill toward more and more rewards.

Go For Merchandise, Tournament Entries, Cash, or Even Bigger Bonuses

You can trade your VIP points in for some great deals on merchandise at the Party Poker store, which are available at reduced prices. If you like tournaments, you can also redeem them for free entries into tournaments that normally require a buy in. You can also redeem your points for cash right in your poker account.

The best way to redeem your VIP points though is to exchange them for bonus money, which provides you with more cash while still using the points to shoot for the next round. So for instance, at the Palladium Elite level, you can exchange 300,000 points for $50,000 cash, or you can let it ride and end up with $75,000 if you continue to play on, and all the while the points you use to free up your extra $25,000 are recycled to at the same time count for your next 300,000 or whatever the next cash in level you choose. So this is like double dipping and Party Poker is completely cool with that, and it adds up to a lot more money for you.

As You Move Up The Stakes At Party Poker, There's A Lot Waiting For You

All poker players look ahead to the day where they can play higher stakes, and make more and more money at the tables. Knowing that there not only is this added profit in store for you, there are also some huge rewards as well, just adds to the excitement. Imagine yourself raking in tens of thousands of dollars in rewards in addition to all that poker profit and you get the picture.

Regardless of the stakes you play now though, Party Poker rolls out the bonus money for you and you truly become rewarded by playing at their great poker site.



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