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Party Poker's Website Poker Hub Offers Several Channels

Players who visit the Poker Hub link, located on the far right of the title bar on Party Poker's website, will find a portal to a variety of Party Poker related information. There is a link to Party Poker's official blog, Party Poker TV, and a link to information about Party Poker's team of pros.

There are also links to their Twitter page, where you can stay up to date on Party Poker's latest tweets, and one to their YouTube channel as well.

Team Party Poker

Party Poker's team of pros consists of Mike Sexton, Tony G, Kara Scott, and Dragan Galic. Mike Sexton is very well known as the longtime host of the World Poker Tour on television. He's also a fairly accomplished player, with over $3 million in lifetime winnings over a 30 year career, and is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame. Mike has been associated with Party Poker since the very start and is credited with coming up with the name Party Poker.

Tony G is a well known poker player who is famous for his colorful banter at the tables. He started out playing on the Australian circuit, and then moved on to the World Poker Tour where he made his bones with several strong finishes. Kara Scott is a long time poker host on TV who later took up the game and did surprisingly well, including second place at the Irish Open.

Players at Party Poker can earn their way onto Team Party, although they only take the best of the best, and so far only one player has been selected, super Party Poker player Dragan Galic. Party Poker is always on the lookout for elite players to add to their list of top pros and if you are good enough, one day you may have the opportunity to join them. They have an online application that you can fill out whenever you think that you are worthy of their consideration.

Party Poker's Blog

Party Poker players can keep up to date with all of the goings on at Party Poker through their blog, accessible through this page.

There is news on the world of poker in general, as well as specific happenings of interest to players concerning some of the most exciting announcements and events at their acclaimed poker room. You can also select to get blog updates by email if you find that more convenient.

Party Poker TV

If you enjoy watching poker videos, Party Poker TV has a library of videos from big time live poker. All you have to do is click on one of them and there is a built in web based viewer where you can watch all the high definition action on. The videos are rated by viewers to help you select the best ones, or you can just watch them all.

There's Not A Ton Of Content Yet, But It Continues To Grow

The impressive thing about Party Poker's Community section isn't the sheer amount of content, which is only decent at the time of this writing, it is their showing their commitment to their players by looking to put together an array of features, many of which aren't available at very many poker sites, and some that aren't available anywhere else. These are Party points.

So the great thing about Party Poker's Community Hub is that players can stay on top of all of the happenings at Party Poker very easily by simply visiting this page every now and then. As time goes on, the expectation is that this section of the site will continue to grow, bringing more and more interesting content to the Party Poker community.



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