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PartyPoints: Party Poker reward system

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Party Poker is reputed to have one of the best rewards schemes in the industry; moreover, Party Poker has recently upgraded its rewards scheme to offer exciting levels, generous bonuses and cash backs for the benefit of its loyal players.

The rewards at Party Poker are easy to understand and the journey to its key levels is sure to be exciting.

Players only have to remain loyal to Party Poker and participate in its cash games and tournaments to get rewarded with points and be assigned to a key level carrying large bonuses and benefits.

Collecting Party Poker points is one of the easiest things in the world to do because Party Poker gives away points whenever you wager real money on ring games and tournaments.

How do PartyPoints work

Poker players will receive two Party Points for every real money dollar they wager on tournaments and ring games. The Party site updates your balance at the end of each game. Poker players who wish to redeem their points for something of value can head over to the Party Points Store, which stocks a number of high-value items.

The PartyPoints Store is one of the most exciting aspects of Party Poker Rewards, offering a large number of high-value items such as cash bonuses, gift certificates, and entries to lucrative tournaments at discounted rates. Poker players can also exchange their Party Points for bonuses, which are very easy to clear.

Party Poker Rewards comprises key levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Palladium, and Palladium Elite, which players can achieve by simply collecting Party Points by playing for real money. Newly registered players are automatically placed at the Bronze key level, after which they are challenged to achieve higher levels by playing real money poker games.

Players can achieve higher Party Poker Rewards key levels by collecting points; and the higher their key level, the larger the bonuses and benefits they stand to receive. The highest key level of Palladium Elite enables players to purchase bonuses with an equivalent 40 percent rakeback in the Party Points Store.

A Party Poker Rewards key level is achieved by collecting the required number of Party Points for a particular month or quarter. For instance, the number of points required to reach the Bronze, Silver, and Gold key levels is 0, 400 and 1,000 every month, respectively.

The number of points required to reach the Palladium and Palladium Elite key levels is 9,000 and 50,000 per quarter, respectively. Key levels can be maintained by collecting the points required for it during the next month or quarter.

Each key level carries rewards in terms of real money, cash backs, bonuses and bonus offers, ranging from $10 to $20,000, depending on the key level achieved.

For instance, Bronze players with 500 points will receive $10 percent cash and 5 percent cash back while Silver players with 1,500 points will receive $50 cash, 6.67 percent cash back bonus, a $100 bonus, and a 13.33 percent bonus back.

Palladium Elite players can grab a $20,000 bonus and more with 40 percent rake back. This is the ultimate reward level for serious regular players.

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