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Party Poker has updated the levels of how they are paying rewards to their regular players. They have started offering more cash, bonuses and rewards at various levels of the game. Party Poker is more rewarding, clearer and more useful for their players then it was ever before.

Party Poker has made the system transparent, introduced new levels in the game and enhanced the rewards just on the feedbacks and requests of the players. The system has full clarity as to the payments and fair play.

Earning the points at Party Poker is very simple.

Players can earn the Partypoints on the real money plays. The players can spend the earnings from the Partypoints at their store which has lots of items of great value.

The more a player spends in the Partypoints store, the more value she gets. The store has lots of gift certificates, big money tournament entry passes, bonuses and many low cost items. Moreover the balance of the player increases as soon as the player leaves the game in shape of Partypoints.

Party poker offers you to easily earn Partypoints. You can earn them by playing with real money on any of the products offered by Party poker. These products include the,,, and websites. There are two party points given to the players for every $1 which they spend. This $1 payment can be in shape of entry fee to a tournament or the rake paid when playing in a cash game.

The more Partypoints earned by a player, the higher her level in the system. It makes the players wantign to reach the key levels to move up in rewards. The more PartyPoints a player has, the more items the player can unlock from the Party Poker store. The highest level which a player can reach is the Palladium Elite level. The user having this high level can have bonuses in the store and a return of $20 on every 100 points which is equal to a 40% rateback. If you wish to reach a key level, then the best way is to have the required number of PartyPoints during each month and it is not that difficult.

The rewards are unlocked the same time you reach a key level and you can enjoy them for the remaining days in the month. Similarly you have to follow the same patern for keeping the level intact the following months. Though the cash rewards look attractive, it is always better to earn bonuses they have more incentives to offer then what you can have from cash rewards.

One of the benefits of playing poker at Party Poker is that their games are known to be looser than Full Tilt's. The reason is that as American players are not allowed, and as they are the most advanced players as the game started in the USA, casual players are relatively more numerous.

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