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Playing Suited Connectors

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When playing a pot with a suited connector there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing to keep in check is the size of the pot before the flop.

You want to see the cheapest flop possible. If the pot has been limped, then it is best to limp in and see a cheap flop. If the pot has been raised in front of you by an early position player, it is still alright to just call and see a flop.

What you don't want to do is play suited connector hands out of position, or make a big raise or re-raise pre-flop. If you make a big re-raise you are giving your opponent the pot if they move their stack in. If you are playing a pot in position with a hand that can hit a big flop you are maximizing your profit if the right board comes. Also, if you are in position you will have a better chance to steal the pot if you miss.

If you flop a hand like an open ended straight draw or a flush draw, you can choose to either call a bet on the flop or raise a bet. If you have a straight draw, the best thing to do is just call a bet and see the turn. If you do call the bet on the flop and miss you still have the opportunity if your opponent checks to bet the turn and win the pot.

If you have a flush draw it is best to semi-bluff and raise the flop. Depending on your opponent though you can just call with both hands, the straight and flush draws. If your opponent is playing passive they will most likely give up on the turn to your flop call.

If they are playing aggressive then they will most likely fire another bet at you on the turn. Playing these hands in position can allow you different ways to win pots without making a hand. If you are out of position with draws it is difficult to read the strength of your opponent's hands.

If you do happen to flop a made hand it will most likely be disguised. The best way to build a pot is to let your opponent bet into you. If you are in a pot against an aggressive player and you have a straight already, you should let them bet and build the pot for you. If they check to you then you should check it back.

The most important thing when you do have a big hand is to gain value for your hand. If they have a hand like AK against your smaller suited connector and an ace comes on the turn you will get them to call a bet every time on the turn. Also, if a card like an ace comes and they bet the turn, you can now raise the bet and force them to a decision for all their chips while they are drawing dead.

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