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Top Advice From The Pros

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Looking to learn from the best? Well, then sit tight because we have put together useful poker tips provided by some of the world's top players.

Starting with one of the biggest names in tournament poker right now, and that person has earned more money playing in these is probably the one that can proffer the best pearls of wisdom.

Canadian pro Daniel Negreanu, the winner of six World Series of Poker and considered to be the best poker player of this decade, has accumulated more than 30 million in earnings from live tournaments.

Those who are interested to start playing in these might find it useful to read Negreanu's recommendations for the early stages. First of all, he says that it's important to keep in mind that you can't win the tournament on day one, but you can certainly lose it.

This means that there's no point in obsessing about accumulating chips on such an early stage of the competition, because, as he says, "the value of those chips isn't worth the risk of you going broke". He also encourages amateurs to remember that small pairs and suited connectors go up in value in a tournament. Furthermore, if you're a newcomer and pretend you don't know what you're doing, his advice is to be very mindful about the info you can obtain from looking at your opponents and use it to your own benefit.

However, if you're more into online poker instead of live tournaments, then you might want to listen to the world's top Sit & Go player, George Lind (jorj95). Having turned towards poker when he discovered that the more time he spent working on his level, the better results he obtained (something that he couldn't say about his previous job as a programmer), Lind climbed to the top in no time.

An expert in the toughest sit and go games available online, in 2013 he actually broke a record obtaining the most VPPs in one year. So, looking at his bulletproof poker strategy, some of the best advice he has given is that playing too many hands in early stages is unwise. Also, according to Lind, it is not smart to play stakes that one can't beat, which is a common problem in Sit & Go games.

Another player worth looking at - who stated that the best advice is to listen to the pros and then forget what they've said when you're at the table - is Phil Ivey, famous for saying that the best way to learn is by playing.

This doesn't leave out the option of following the wise words of experience that players like him can pass on to newcomers. For instance, he insists on the fact that although it is important to focus on odds, whether you're playing Texas Hold'em or Omaha, it is even more crucial to look at what your opponents are doing because if you master your ability to recognize poker tells, then your chances of winning will surely increase.

Either if you're interested in tournaments, Sit & Go or the most popular variants of poker both on the felt and online, then it always makes sense to look at the experts that have been around for a while. As the Texan player Robert Williamson III once said, "poker's a day to learn and a lifetime to master".




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